Jag använder en leverantör och det är VisionArt Books

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Every book is printed on fine art, museum quality paper with vibrant and vivid archival inks. When you open up a Vision Art book you see a full panoramic display of your art, because we have no cuts or gutters in the binding, your images display without any distractions. We print your creations on matte paper that is rated to last generations without discoloring, yellowing or fading. Our books have a variety of cover options, Cafe Leather, Exotic Leather, Book Cloth, Photo Strips, Three-Quarter Binding, but our Photo Wrap covers are by far what we are known for. Design whatever you want and your cover will be the theme of your creation.With Vision Art, you are creating fine art bound in a book.
— Vision Art Books

Vision Art Original Fine Art Book

  • Our Award Winning Art Book that has transformed the industry
  • Additional options available: 3/4 Binding - Café leather or Dulce bookcloth, Dust Jacket, Photo Finish, & Display Box
  • Includes full Photo wrap cover, Book Cloth or Café Leather upgrade for no additional charge
  • Available in verticle, square, horizontal, and pano (calendar style) formats.
  • Accommodates up to 45 spreads (90 sides)
  • Beautifully printed matte book price begins with 15 spreads (30 sides) glued back to back with no substrate. Pages are mildly flexible, but will not tear or dog ear.


Vision Art Original finns i många olika storlekar och format men det jag utgår ifrån är ett kvadratiskt album med en storlek på 10x10, 11x11 eller 12x12 tum (25,4 x 25,4 upp till ca 30,5 x 30,5 centimeter).

Till ovanstående album går det alldeles utmärkt att beställa dotteralbum i storlekarna 4x4, 6x6 eller 8x8 tum om ni vill ge bort album som present till familj och vänner. Vill de beställa och betala på egen hand går det också bra.


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The Original Fine Art Book Information